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Do you know your identity in Christ?
Or, do you define yourself by what you do and what you’ve accomplished in life? Or, have you allowed other people to define who you are and who you aren’t?Read More

The Importance of Knowing and Embracing Your Identity in Christ

Our modern society is flooded with talk about self-care. Yet, some Christians believe it is unnecessary and even selfish. So, lets take a look and see if practicing self-care is actually biblical or not.Read More

Is Practicing Self-Care Actually Biblical?

As women we are often too busy to find moments to just pause and breathe. See what the bible says about meditation and how it will help you find rest and peace to help you stay fueled and focused daily.Read More

22 Bible Verses About Meditation and How It Benefits Women

Whether its finding the time, the words to say, or even the desire to do so, prayer can seem like a task sometimes. By understanding what prayer really is, I promise its much simpler than you think.Read More

How to Pray When You Have No Clue Where to Start

Back to school season can be a very hectic and stressful time for moms.
But, thankfully there are some key prayers that moms can pray to help our kids, as well as, alleviate some of our emotional strains.Read More

4 Vital Back to School Prayers Every Mom Should Pray

Many people ask ‘why is self-discipline so difficult’? But the truth is, God has empowered every Christian to be self-disciplined. Implement these 5 essential steps to start developing it in your life today!Read More

5 Essential Steps to Develop Self-Discipline as a Christian

Christianity often gets equated to strict rules and no enjoyment of life.
If you think you’re missing out on “real fun” by being a Christian, then its time to take a look at what the bible has to say about enjoying life.Read More

18 Bible Verses About Enjoying Life As A Christian

As Christians, we know our faith is based on the bible, and that we should be reading the bible regularly. However, have you ever wondered how we got the bible in the first place?Read More

How We Got the Bible: A Historical Overview

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