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Hey, I’m Demetra (Deme)!

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I’m the author behind In the Mirror of God. 

I love God and His Word, and I’m a fanatic about teaching others to learn and love God’s Word as well!

In the Mirror of God is geared towards teaching Christians how important it is to spend time looking into our spiritual mirror (the bible) regularly so that we can cultivate a deeper relationship with God, think biblically about everything, conquer the challenges of everyday life, and truly live and enjoy life to the fullest, the way God intended!

20 Ways to Enjoy Life More As A Christian

Tired of constantly being stressed, angry, worried, and bitter?  Learn 20 biblical, yet practical changes you can start making TODAY to begin to enjoy life the way God intended.

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Learning the Bible 101:  Benefits, Methods, and Hindrances

As Christians, so many of us struggle with being able to read and understand the bible.  And those who genuinely want to learn the bible, have no idea how or where to get started.

If you are looking for some guidance to help make the process both simple and fun for you, then this online course is guaranteed to give you all the basic tools you need to get started!


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