woman with anxiety

Should Christians have anxiety, or is it a sin or lack of faith? Is there even a place for God in the mental health space? Let’s dive in to look at six key things the bible teaches us about anxiety.Read More

Our secular culture tends to promote a ‘do whatever makes you happy’ attitude that doesn’t include God in anything. But, as Christians we should include God in everything, even our planning.Read More

woman practicing self care

Our modern society is flooded with talk about self-care. Yet, some Christians believe it is unnecessary and even selfish. So, lets take a look and see if practicing self-care is actually biblical or not.Read More

Woman Enjoying Life

Christianity often gets equated to strict rules and no enjoyment of life.
If you think you’re missing out on “real fun” by being a Christian, then its time to take a look at what the bible has to say about enjoying life.Read More