Who is Your “Alternative God”?

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At a time in our society where people have so many choices when it comes to religion and spirituality, more and more Christians seem to be wavering in their faith.


Losing Our Faith

From questioning God about why things happen, to blaming Him for certain situations and circumstances. Some are flat out angry at God, doubting if Christianity is truly the way to go. It seems many Christians are slowly but surely “losing their faith” and looking for an alternative god.

As someone who teaches, counsels and advises youth and young women regarding their faith, I’ve heard and seen it all over the years. Things that cause someone to be depressed, frustrated, angry, vengeful, and even suicidal. However, there is one thing that has always struck a nerve with me. A soft spot in my soul that causes me to tear up every time. Its when people tell me they are beginning to lose their faith.

Because I have personally gone through all the emotions and states of mind mentioned above, I know how life can “throw you off track” sometimes. I also know that even in my darkest hours, it was God that got me through it all.

Trust me, I fully understand the concept – the boatload of feelings and the mindset behind someone wanting to “give up” on God and Christianity. But we have to remember that the devil and the world system in which we live is set up to get us to turn away from God. The bible actually warns us about this.

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Between so many false religions and doctrines, cults, self-made Christianity and atheism, there is no shortage of “alternative belief systems” in the world today. If Christianity isn’t making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, just push it aside and choose another option. Heck, these days, you can even craft your own form of Christianity with your own set of rules. Its all so sad, but yet so true.

I came across an article recently on The Christian Post regarding a well-known Christian artist who announced via social media that his faith is “on incredibly shaky ground”. The article made me both sad and frustrated. For starters, we have somewhat of a “leader” in the Christian arena making this proclamation. And secondly, it was done via social media, which you know means it passed before a ton of eyes.

A World Full of “Miserable” Christians

The reason I preach the whole “enjoying life in Christ” concept so much, is because too often all I see around me is a world full of miserable Christians. And I guarantee that the root cause is in direct correlation with the little to no time that he/she spends reading the bible – the Word of God.

You see, I don’t disagree that life is hard, that bad stuff happens daily and that the devil is on a rampage. The bible actually tells us that all of these things will happen! It is inevitable.

lion with quote of I Pet. 5:8

The bible also tells us how to deal with all these things when they happen and how to be victorious in the midst of it all.

What is Our Alternative?

So I ask my fellow Christians the same question I ask the people I counsel and advise when they tell me they feel like they are losing their faith: What is your alternative? Who is your alternative God?

What other option do you have that is better than the God we serve? That can wake you up each day? Watch over your life? Provide for your needs? Bless you with health and strength? Protect you from harm and danger? Bless your home, finances, education and business? That can provide peace and joy in the midst of life’s storms? That can provide eternal life after physical death? Who are you going to run or turn to?

If we are looking for another religion, belief system, cult or way of life that is going to “fix” the world, our circumstances or situations, we will never find it.

We Have Neglected Our Source of Spiritual Strength

Jesus already did the “fixing” for us. He died for our sins so that in the midst of the chaos, we could still enjoy life to the fullest. The ONLY reason we aren’t doing so, is because we are trying to enjoy life apart from His Word.

The more we stay away from God’s Word the more room we give the devil to work in our minds and in our lives.

As believers we MUST cultivate our relationship with God daily by spending time in His Word and talking to Him prayer. We also must encourage our fellow believers to do the same. When life gets tough, its not a time for us to give up on our faith, or on God. Instead we must reflect on what He’s done in our lives, remembering our own stories and what He has brought us through. We must reflect on His promises and remind ourselves that ultimately we are on the winning side.

Again I ask – who is your “alternative God”?

man kneeling to pray and quote of joshua 24:15
Who is Your “Alternative God”?