When Our Enemies Fall

one standing chess piece and one fallen piece

Although it can be hard, its important for us to remember not to gloat when our enemies fall.

I know, I know.  You've already envisioned the person falling down the stairs or getting hit by a car, or bitten by a dog......but NO!  Even if it's well deserved, the bible warns us about reveling in the "demise" of our enemies.

I have to admit, this verse definitely slapped me in the face too.  Hard! 

If I’m being honest, not only have there been times where I was waiting for an enemy to fall, but I’ve even prayed for it!  I have dreamed about making it happen.  Talk about a much needed attitude adjustment.  

This is just one example of how important reading and learning God’s Word is for us as Christians.  Our natural instincts are to react based on our emotions and circumstances around us.  But with the help and guidance of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit within us, we can be convicted when those instincts kick in.  Convicted to pause for a minute.  Before making a big mistake, bad decision, or doing something we will later regret.

Life will indeed put people in our lives that will try every fiber of patience we have.  And oftentimes, God will use our enemies to test us to see how we will react.  If we will react emotionally or in accordance to His Word.

It is definitely a process, but the more we cling to the Word of God, the more God begins to change us from the inside out.  God begins to work on those things that go on in our hearts and minds that no one knows about except Him.  Those inner sins, demons, habits, attitudes and behaviors that need to be weeded out so that we can be better for His purpose.

I will say, that the instances where I have taken the time to actually pray for those who have hurt me (pray in a good way), that God truly released me from feelings of anger, bitterness and rage.  Showing love, being kind, and praying for those who are not good to you is not a common thing.  In fact, it is something we can only do by the grace and power of God.

One thing I am certain about, is the fact that God NEVER tells us to do anything in His Word that He doesn't empower us to do.   And everything He tells us to do is ALWAYS for our good.

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So let's embark on this new feat of changing our attitudes towards our enemies.  Just like extending forgiveness, it will work wonders for us spiritually.

two angry men with quote of matthew 5:44
When Our Enemies Fall