Do Christians Know What to Pray For?

Man praying

To pray or not to pray

Is what we ask ourselves, what we say

We want that, we want this

Constantly going to God with our lists

Sometimes even praying for things He’s already done

Without even realizing it, because we don’t know His Word

And less often praying for things that would actually benefit us,

Those spiritual things that we think are absurd

Like a better attitude or mindset

So when people piss us off, it doesn’t ruin our day

Or when a family member or friend discourages you

You let it roll off your sleeve and come back with something positive to say

We pray for God to bless a toxic relationship

Because we’re not ready to let Tina or Nathan go

Instead of asking for strength to walk away,

To be bold and just say “no”

We pray for more money, riches and wealth

A six figure income, a new house, and a new car

All while pursuing it through illegal means,

Cutting corners, betraying friends, not caring about going too far

Even when we know our plans and goals

are not in line with God’s at all

We still pray for His approval and blessing

Thinking if we do that, He won’t cause it to fall

Material things being by far the number one thing

that Christians pray to God for

Not that its wrong or that we shouldn’t,

We can ask Him for anything, and He can open any door

But you see, the material things can be a by-product

Of our faith, trust, obedience and love

Because when cultivating our relationship with God is our focus

The bible guarantees those things from above  

We want the world around us to change

For there to be less racism, violence, and hate

Yet we harbor anger, bitterness, jealousy and unforgiveness

Contributing to the negativity around us, and then it’s too late

We pray about it, while our actions never change

Expecting God to just turn it all around

Meanwhile, we wake up, go to work, come home

Watch tv, eat dinner, and then lay back down

His Word says we have direct access

To talk to God anytime and anywhere

Yet either we choose not to, or when we do

We don’t take full advantage of what we have in Him – we don’t care

We thank Him for our food before we eat

We thank Him when we wake up and right before we sleep

We thank Him for when we get what we want,

We thank Him for a good day,

We thank Him when a prayer gets answered,

When everything seems to be going our way

All those prayers are good

In fact, they are great!

But at what point do we show growth

and move to a different state?

When do we start talking to Him about the “hard” stuff

Like our walk with Him and learning to be spiritually tough?

When was the last time we prayed for wisdom,

discernment, guidance or direction?

Asking God to help us make a decision

Instead of going by others’ opinions or suggestions?

As a single man or woman

Do we boldly ask God for help in our dating life?

For Him to help us weed out those who are a waste of time,

That will cause us nothing but pain and strife?

Or do we keep that part of our lives to ourselves

Because we’d rather enjoy the benefits of it all

Like meeting new people and sleeping around,

Then after our heart gets broken, we make the prayer call

Investing all our money into a business

Going back to school to get a 2nd degree

Planning a wedding in Jamaica

Trading in the car for a brand new SUV

Nothing wrong with any of that either

Except when we don’t include God in making the decisions

Then turn around and get mad when things don’t work out,

Running out of money, going bankrupt, and lose His provisions

At the end of the day its actually pretty simple

When you read His Word and talk to Him everyday,

Because then and only then can He guide you

On what to do and how to pray

He can show you what you need to work on,

areas that need attention and more

Then we can watch Him transform us

Into better people than we were before

Then we can ask for His help with our nasty attitudes

Our bad habits, vices and secret sin

And through His Holy Spirit He will mold us

With His help we will surely win

We can pray for God to help us forgive

To reach out to someone we haven’t talked to in years

To help us take the next step in our business or career

To help us overcome things from our past and set aside our fears

We can pray for more justice, love and peace

Not forgetting that it all starts within us first,

In our home, with our kids, our neighbors

We have to radiate love, so others have the same thirst

How about praying for God to close certain doors?

To hinder every plan of the enemy in your way

To thwart every temptation that will distract you,

Cause you to stumble, or deter you from what God has to say

Dare I even mention those “minor” sins

Like selfishness, greed, rudeness and pride

You know those things that we claim are just our personality?

The things we display on the regular and don’t even try to hide

How often do we pray for God to work on things like that?

To help us with certain addictions or the things we speak

Or have we just gotten comfortable with the lies,

gossip, profanity, dirty jokes and other things the world seeks?

Do we even desire to become more like Christ,

Or are we just existing on earth like non-believers until we die?

Living however we choose and please

Reaching out to God only if we need a touch from on high

Having both the privilege and power

To go before the one and only God who controls all things

Yet we seldom utilize the full potential of prayer

Never tapping into the real blessings it could truly bring

Praying is simple –

its literally ‘talking to God’, conversing with Him

Maybe start over with “hello my name is”

And then let the conversation stem

We have unrestricted access

and He has total availability

Let’s not continue to consult everyone but Him

Fixing our situations temporarily

No more misuse, abuse or neglect

Using our relationship just for the benefits we want to reap

Rather let’s read His Word more and learn how

to best utilize prayer to grow our relationship with Him deep

praying hands with bible verse quote


Do Christians Know What to Pray For?