What Stops Your Progress?

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The Downward Spiral

This past week was my first week of getting back into the gym regularly, and Friday was the day I would meet my goal of working out for 5 days.  However, Friday morning I woke up an hour earlier than usual around 5 a.m. with a slight headache and couldn’t get back to sleep.  

Because it wasn’t time to get up yet, I decided to login into my banking mobile app from my phone and check my account for my direct deposit, since it was payday for me.  To my utmost surprise – no direct deposit! 

Then I nearly fell off the bed trying to get up and stubbed my toe.  With mixed emotions – tiredness from lack of sleep, anger from the missing deposit, and pain from the headache and toe – my mind automatically started going with random thoughts.  “I’m not going to the gym this morning”.   “I’m not going to work”.   “Why can’t things just go right”.  “OMG, my rent is due”.  “Where is my money”.  “Life sucks”.  “I just want to go back to bed”.

Those few things that happened all within minutes of each other had already started impacting my entire day and it was only 5:15 in the morning! 

How Quickly We Lose Motivation

It’s so easy to get angry, frustrated, discouraged, depressed and lose motivation when things start to spiral downhill in our lives.  It may start with something minor, then it may turn into something major that you may or may not have control over. 

Then all of a sudden we come to a standstill.  We stop.  Our spiritual progress (or any type progress for that matter) is halted.

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God’s Word is always the Solution

God’s Word tells us how to handle these “hindering” situations when they happen.  And no part of the resolution involves giving up, running away, or crawling back into bed for the day.  In fact, all those reactions are exactly the way the devil wants us to handle all bad things that come are way.  By retreating, quitting and getting frustrated. 

God created us with a ball of emotions.  But, He also equipped us with His Word and access to Him to talk to, in moments just like these. We can find encouragement to push through in Scripture and we can talk to Him about anything, at anytime.

So today I ask, what stops your spiritual progress on a daily or weekly basis? 

Is it your circumstances? Something someone says? A situation going on at work? A personal relationship or lack thereof?  A negative friend? Financial struggles? Your health?

Whatever the case is, remember that everyday life is going to happen to all of us.  As Christians, God did not promise we wouldn’t have any troubles.  However, He promised that we would be equipped with the tools to handle our troubles.  We have everything we need in Him, to face any of life’s challenges. 

quote of II Peter 1:3

The moment you start to set goals or set your mind to accomplish something, there will be several things that come your way that will try to distract you, kill your motivation, or hinder you from progress. 

Lets stop allowing the enemy to use people and circumstances to keep us from moving forward.  If we prepare our minds for this by spending more time in God’s Word and prayer, nothing should hinder our progress in any area of our lives.  

What Stops Your Progress?