Waiting on God

woman looking and pondering

One hour, one day, one week?
A month, a year, please not a decade!
“Pray and don’t worry, leave it in his hands”
Was the declaration I had made

Whether praying for marriage, a job
A house, a new car, or going back to school
I didn’t realize the process involved
And I was trying hard to stay cool

My best friend is moving out of the hood
Uncle Joe got a bonus and a raise
My neighbor got a full scholarship
All their prayers answered in a matter of days!

My ex got a new higher paying job
My aunt came through cancer free
Even my enemy got blessed with a new car
And my wild and crazy cousin still ain’t got an STD

Testimony after testimony at church
Answered prayers, blessings, and miracles too
For everyone but me
Got me wondering, “Lord, what did I do?”

I mean hold up, don’t he cheat on his wife?
And Sis. Joan stole church money right?
Don’t that girl drink and beat her kids?
And I know the choir director be clubbing all night!

I’m just dazed, annoyed and very confused
Cause they all just gave testimonies of praise
And I’m sitting here crying inside
Wondering when in the world I’m gonna get outta this phase

I’m weak, tired, and depressed
Ready to give up, and not even care
Forget praying and coming to church
Don’t wanna sing, give, or share

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there
Felt that way, and wanted to give in
Thank God for His Holy Spirit
Who always reminds us that we can win!

What I’m learning is that waiting pays,
Pays in ways I never would have thought
Saving me from unnecessary pains
Frustrations and battles that didn’t have to be fought

See I’ve learned that while the process of waiting
Can be tough, hard, stressful and long
At the end of the day, when it’s all said and done
Endurance will produce in me a brand new song

I’m talking about appreciation and gratefulness
For what He does behind the scenes
Coming through at the last-minute
With blessings through divine means

I look back and still can’t figure out
How I made it through certain times
Unemployed for months, but yet I still
Ate and slept without having to commit no crimes

My thirteen year old truck
ain’t died on me yet
I don’t love my job
But it pays the bills and I have low debt

I don’t miss my fancy house that I lost as I did before
As God is teaching me to appreciate the finer things
Like love, joy, and peace of mind
Health, family, and the strength that He brings

I’m learning not to make hasty choices
No matter how tempting they may seem
The devil is crafty and often wraps himself up
In a man, car, house, job, or opportunity of our dreams

Taking time to pray, listen and wait
Can keep us from relationships that aren’t worth our time
It can save us years of grief, from following a wrong path
Spending all our money, leaving us without a dime

We’ll avoid that car accident, that sickness
That was waiting on the other side of our impatient choice
That setup by our so-called friend, neighbor or brother
That was meant to steal our freedom and voice

The greater blessing is around the corner
On the other side of worry, fear, doubt and stress
But its reserved ONLY for those with enough endurance
To push, punch, and fight through all the mess

See, the best things don’t come easy, with little effort
In fact, we only get stronger after we’ve been tested
Beaten, shaken, angered, upset, and ridiculed in this life
It’s through our trials and tribulations that we become vested

When we give it our all by simply waiting and trusting
In God and God alone,
Through the tears, heartache and pain
Keeping our focus, staying in that spiritual zone

Crying to Him on the really hard days
Seeking out spiritual leaders for accountability and advice
Praying when doubt, negativity and depression creep in
Turning to His Word instead of Facebook – hmmm wouldn’t that be nice?

The biggest thing that slapped me in the face
In the midst of all of this
Is what I was missing out on while waiting
See, I chose misery instead of bliss

Hypothetically, if, I’m just saying if..
You end up waiting much longer than you expected
How you gonna spend those weeks, months, or years?
Looking pitiful, being frustrated, dying inside and feeling rejected?

Try enjoying life as it is, wherever you are at the moment
No matter where you live, work, or who or what you have in life
Focus on the blessings of each day
Before you know it, bliss will begin to replace strife

Push through the tough times, when the positivity dims
Read His Word more than ever, praying each and every day
After all, when we truly wait on God to move
There is a guarantee that comes our way:

woman running with quote of Isaiah 40:31
Waiting on God