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We Must Trust and Acknowledge God

This week God has been reminding me that not only do I need to trust in Him to do what He says He will do, but that I also need to remember to acknowledge Him in all that I do. 

Webster's dictionary defines "acknowledge" as follows: to accept or admit the existence or truth of

The Bible tells us to acknowledge God in ALL our ways, so that He can direct our paths.  That tells me that if in fact we proclaim to trust in Him, that we should display that “trust” by acknowledging his presence in every aspect of our lives.  

You see, God isn’t someone we should call on only in times of trouble, need, or desperation.  Rather, He should be an integral part of our daily lives.  In fact He should be just as integrated into our lives as our family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors that we see everyday.  

So what does that look like on a daily basis?

quote of proverbs 3:5-6

For me, its when I pray for a new job, acknowledging that God is Lord of my life, and committing what I want into His hands.  But, at the same time asking Him to show me what His will for my life is.  

In other words, “God, I want to work in education and instructional design so please direct me to a position where my skills can be utilized.  But, if there is something else you want me doing instead, please show me and direct me accordingly.”

Its letting God know my concerns about my child’s schooling and instead of trying to figure it out all on my own, acknowledging His sovereignty over my life, and asking Him to help me make the right decision.

Instead of just going out and buying a much needed new vehicle, its acknowledging God as the provider of all things, and asking Him to direct me to the right dealership, with the best price.  As opposed to purchasing the car of my dreams that I really can’t afford.

Its praying that He directs me in my dating life, instead of setting my own standards of what I want in a mate.  And holding the sins and betrayal of my ex against everyone who expresses interest in me.

For you, it could be a decision of whether or not to go back to school, to buy a house, to get married, to have kids, to relocate to another state, to switch careers, to invest in your own business, to donate to a charity, to choose a church to fellowship in, picking a new doctor, choosing the best diet, or the restructuring of your budget.

God is always there – but, we MUST include Him!

Whatever the decision or choice is you have to make, the point is, too often we forget to include God in the process.  The beauty of our relationship with Him, is that He is always there.  However, we don’t utilize our relationship with Him half as much as we should.

At what point are we as Christians going to start living our lives “with” God, rather than simply keeping Him on the sidelines and only “using” Him when we think we need Him or when it benefits us?

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The Proverbs 3:5-6 passage is one of many "promise" passages in Scripture.  It plainly says to acknowledge Him in everything we do, and He shall direct our paths​.  Guaranteed!  According to the Word of God!

Imagine just starting to trust and acknowledge Him in areas of your life where you usually don't invite Him in! When we start to do this, even just a little bit, watch God begin to direct our paths, leading us in ways we didn't allow Him to before.

Remember:  God's plan is BEST

He's already showing me, that my plan (which isn't necessarily a bad or wrong plan) is not always His plan for my life.  Now that may sometimes be hard to swallow.  But, the best part about God having a different plan for you than what you have planned for yourself, is that God's plan is always the best plan!

"A truly valuable vision must have God in it." 
- John Maxwell

quote of james 4:8

Let's start saving ourselves some time, hassle and stress, by simply remembering to include God  - in everything!

Don’t Forget to Include God