Have We Forgotten How to Fight Evil?

woman air boxing

Why do we as Christians try to fight against the evil of this world by human means?

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We can't fight hate, racism, violence or any other kind of evil, by reciprocating the same hate, racism, violence or evil.

Once again, we allow the enemy to defeat us, as we behave more like non-Christians and less like Christians who are empowered to bring about true spiritual change.

We not only forget about our call to spiritual warfare, but also completely disregard the Word of God, leaving our most vital weapon underutilized.

Instead we waste our time, efforts, resources, and energy, deceiving ourselves into thinking we are actually helping to bring about change, when the true root of all the “issues” in the world today is our spiritual enemy.

woman with bible and quote of ephesians 6:11-12

Imagine if we began to spend time in prayer, fighting in the spiritual realm against our true enemy who is behind all the hate, racism, violence and evil.   Now imagine if we as individual Christians, came together as group to do the exact same thing in unified prayer.

According to God’s Word, when we fight the right way, then and ONLY then will we truly be able to stand against the evil of this world.

quote of II corinthians 10:3-4