NEWSFLASH #2: God is Our Peace

Anybody need a little more peace?

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You know its one thing to keep talking about the bible and the benefits of learning the bible.   But its an entirely different thing to actually spend time reading the bible and then to actually see the manifestation of those benefits in your life.

The benefit we're looking at here is peace.  True peace.  That comes only from God.

These past two weeks have been very "trying" for me.  From physical ailments, to issues with my son, to challenges in my business, to an unexpected financial setback, to the devil attempting to pile on even more.  Its literally been one thing after another.  

But as I looked back on these past two weeks, I just realized that through all of that, I am mentally and spiritually in a really good place right now.  I'm not stressed, frustrated, angry, pissed off, or depressed.  In fact, I have this inner peace about everything.  I know that God is in control and is going to work everything out.

I did almost go into meltdown mode.

Yes, if I'm being honest, I did almost go into meltdown mode on one of those days.  But even then, it was the devotional I had read that same morning that God brought to my remembrance, that gave me the strength and peace I needed in that moment to move forward.

We all know ourselves and how we typically handle situations when they arise.  I know how easily I can let certain things frustrate me or what buttons need to be pushed to get me upset.  So I also know, that God is really starting to work more and more on my mind and in my heart through His Word.   Because I guarantee, if the same set of scenarios had come up in my life about a year ago, I definitely would not be handling it the way I am right now!

I write this to remind my readers that I'm just as human as you are.  I've been told that I sound so strong,  like I've got everything all together.  But trust me, I only speak as strongly and passionately about these biblical truths because I have witnessed them first hand in my life.  I know how much God can do when I simply seek His Word and then let Him work.

Yes, I have feelings and emotions too.  Things can make me sad and even cry.  Not every day is a super great day just because we are Christians. However, the fact remains that we serve an amazing God, that just so happened to have died for us to live a victorious life in Him.  Not to live and be miserable.  But rather live and have peace.  

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The thing is, the circumstances of life are NOT going anywhere.  Even some non-believers have figured out that its all about how you handle the circumstances around you.  And somehow they even manage to do a better job of handling things than Christians do sometimes!

Lets not forget the 24/7 access we have to God.  

The more time we spend with Him in His Word, then the more peace we will have.

man sitting reading bible by tree with bible verse

Peace is not ignoring our circumstances, or pretending they don't exist.  Peace is not found by indulging in pleasures or self medicating to temporarily forget our circumstances.

True peace is found in God alone.  Its the peace that you have where you get to the point that you can look back at two weeks of chaos and say "oh yea, that did happen".  Because instead of worrying, being stressed, getting frustrated, angry, or depressed about the situation, you prayed about it, did whatever you could (if anything) and left the rest up to God.

Its those moments where spiritually the smoke is coming off of you, but you don't even really remember feeling the flames all that much.  You know you went through it, but it doesn't have the same sting that it used to.  And even though the problem or problems still haven't been fully resolved, you still have the biggest smile on your face, and peace in your heart. waiting in anticipation, because you know that one way or the other, God's got it.  

We don't even have to ask for peace

Do you realize that you don't even have to ask God for peace or wait for Him to give it to you?  As Christians - God is our peace!  We have the Holy Spirit living in us! All we need to do is cultivate our relationship with Him by spending more time in His Word and then we will experience more and more peace in our lives.  

Galatians 5:22 tells us that peace is one of the "fruits of the Spirit" - a quality that will manifest more and more as we cultivate our relationship with Him.

quote of john 14:27

So again I ask - Anybody need a little more peace? Well, grab your bible and go get some!

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NEWSFLASH #2:  God is Our Peace