So, Its Freedom You Want?

woman jumping free from a chain

They say be careful what you wish for
Because you just might get it
So its freedom you want?
Are you sure you want to jump into that pit?

Freedom to have sex whenever the urge arises
With whatever partner you choose
Now you’re a slave to your feelings
And there’s not a man or woman you’ll refuse

Freedom to drink as much as you want
And as often as you can
Until You can’t remember the last time 
you went a day without a beer in your hand

Freedom to go out with your crew
Doing secret things that no one ever speaks of again
Until someone gets you arrested
Then your lifelong friendships come to an end

Freedom to work and make money
By any means to get to the top
Now you’re selling drugs, and stripping part time
So addicted to the cash it brings, you can’t stop

Freedom to travel and go anywhere you want
Just to get far away from mom and dad
Then finding yourself halfway across the country
Lost and broke, longing for what you once had

Freedom to buy a huge home and luxury car
Just to show off to your friends and family
Then you get laid off from work and
repossession and foreclosure become your new reality

Freedom to be who you want to be
Not willing to make any changes even for your own good
Family, friends and everyone around you
Have lost respect for you, as they should

Freedom you wanted
Freedom you received
Had you known the outcome
You probably still wouldn’t have believed

That Freedom does indeed come with its perks
But nevertheless with many repercussions
In fact anything we do apart from God
Or against His will is worth a few discussions…

After all, pursuing any type of “freedom”
Can cost you time, money, frustration, even your life
Then your newfound “freedom” really
Starts wreaking havoc and strife

Ultimately in our hearts as Christians
If we’re being honest and true
Such thinking and actions suggest that
we really want freedom from what we’ve been called to do

We don’t want to read the Bible
Go to church, give offerings or pray
We don’t want to stop bad habits
Or focus on trying to live right everyday

We don’t want to make changes
That make us look more like Christ
We want to call ourselves Christians
But maintain freedom to control our own life

We forget that to be “free” in Him
Is to be a slave to His will and His Word
That’s the commitment we signed up for
When we accepted the gospel message we heard

broken chain with quote of john 8:36

At any given moment we are slaves to a master
If not God, then to ourselves or the devil
Controlled by our own lusts and desires or
falling prey to Satan’s temptation – slavery on a different level

We resist being slaves to God
Thinking we’re missing all the “fun”
Not realizing that freedom in Him
Is eternal and has only just begun

When embraced fully, this freedom grants us power
through Him, unlike anything we have ever known
Power over sin, and liberty to enjoy the “fun” things of life
Far beyond any enjoyment we have ever been shown

If only we would be willing to truly
Surrender ourselves to embrace this freedom in Him
We would understand and realize that
True living and enjoyment only from God alone can stem

One day, hopefully, before it’s too late
We’ll trust in His Word and stop searching around
For this “freedom” that
Truly in Him alone can be found.

woman enjoying freedom
So, Its Freedom You Want?