“Subtle” Hurts

quote of colossians 3:12-14

Sometimes we are the ones who need to be asking for forgiveness.

So often we harbor anger and resentment towards people that have hurt us.  We even dwell on the fact that they never even said “I’m sorry”. 

But sometimes we need to take time to reflect on the people we have hurt and apologize to them.  

And lets not forget those “subtle hurts” that we may have forgotten about or tried to pretend never happened.  The ex we constantly lied to.  The parent we never obeyed.  The friend we stabbed in the back.  The co-worker we constantly gossip about.  The neighbor we never speak to.  The degrading tone in which we constantly talk to our children.  The relative we have simply ignored or cut off for something they did 10 years ago.  The person we borrowed money from and never paid back.  

As people hurt us (and they inevitably will), let us remember the pain we feel in those instances.  Then let us pray that if or when we hurt others, that we remember our own pain.  And then reach out to those we hurt, apologize, and ask for their forgiveness.

“Subtle” Hurts