Forgiveness – the Extended Version

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God doesn't disappoint us.  People and circumstances do.

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God is the one constant in this life.  His Word tells us who He is.  And He never once fails to be exactly who His Word says He is:

our Creator

our Father

our Provider

our Protector

our Lord

our Savior

our Healer

our Teacher

our Guide

our Peace

our Hope

our Joy

our Strength

our Love

our Everything!

Unlike God, we don’t have the capacity to be perfect unfailing creatures.  I’m learning to digest and embrace this fact. In doing so, I am becoming more understanding and patient towards others.

I’m learning to extend more and more forgiveness. After all, God has forgiven me for ALL my sins.

And let us not forget, that we too, have, can and will disappoint others as well. We will need  someone else to forgive us one day too.   And sometimes we will need to forgive ourselves.

Although it is often easier said than done, its important that we all learn to extend forgiveness.  Who do you still need to forgive?

woman with head down and quote of colossians 3:13
Forgiveness – the Extended Version