I’m learning to do more of the things that bring me joy.  Not things that others enjoy or think I should enjoy, do or try, but the things that genuinely bring joy to my life.  It’s funny how people call you names or stereotype you if you don’t participate in certain things.  And then there’s the other extreme, where other Christians try to restrict you to not enjoying certain things – restrictions not even mentioned in the Bible lol.

As a Christian, we have so much to be thankful for and can appreciate life in ways that non-believers can’t.  We can truly live and enjoy life with God, as we include and embrace Him in all we do.  We can even endure trials, tribulations and difficult times with a sense of peace, hope and encouragement that ONLY comes from having a relationship with God.
Even if we don’t necessarily have the means to do everything we want or desire to do at this present time, we can still appreciate and embrace life’s simple pleasures that bring us joy every day.  That being said, I was prompted to make a list of the things in life that I enjoy and also to make it a point to start doing them more.

I enjoy:

  • a bubble bath or a long hot shower
  • a glass of red wine just before bed
  • trying a new restaurant and picking something on the menu that I’ve never had before
  • roller coasters
  • binge watching my favorite Netflix shows on a Saturday night
  • playing Mortal Kombat on the Xbox with my son and beating him every time!
  • Sunday afternoon naps after church
  • waking up at 6am to go to the gym  because intense workouts help me relieve so much stress 
  • a full body massage – I wish I could get them more often!
  • taking walks in the cool of day, with my headphones blaring, while I just walk, sing and pray
  • relaxing and listening to music
  • Italian food – pasta will forever be my weakness!
  • mind-stimulating activities like cross word puzzles, scavenger hunts,  and rubik’s cubes
  • keeping a journal of things I pray and talk to God about and watching Him work in my life
  • looking for ways to help other people
  • playing cards and board games
  • playing pool
  • zip-lining
  • going to the theatre to see a good action movie
  • trying to cook new recipes
  • traveling to places I’ve never been – can’t wait to go overseas one day!
  • teaching Children’s Sunday School at church
  • my quiet time with God where I just curl up with a cup of coffee/tea and meditate on His Word
  • gospel concerts – nothing lifts my spirits like coming together with 100s of other believers to praise God!
  • Starbucks – Caramel Macchiato’s all the way – hot or iced!

Thank you God for these enjoyable pleasures!  I encourage anyone reading this to make a list as well, and then if you haven’t done the things on your list in a while – go out and do them!  Go enjoy the life God has blessed you with!