Characteristics of True Love – According to the Bible

The bible says, "these three remain:  faith, hope and love

but the greatest of these is love"

But what makes love so great,

that for all things Christian, it stands above?

love in scrabble letters

What does this love look like?

How are the characteristics of true love displayed?

Is it a hug, a smile, a kiss, roses,

jewelry, a well cooked meal or a serenade?

The world has its view of course

and Christians tend to complicate it even more

When in reality its one of the simplest concepts

Yet hard, because it doesn't align with our fleshly core

You see true love comes from God

and its not that we loved Him

But that He first loved us by sending His Son

to die for our sins, the sacrifice from which His love stems

true love quote of I john 4:19

God's love is unfailing, it endures forever

It reaches to the heavens, like his faithfulness to the skies

Because of His love we are not consumed,

He pours out mercies for all our sins, even our lies

Nothing can separate us from His love

Not trouble, hardships, persecution or danger

Nothing in creation can come between us

Not death, demons, enemies or strangers

His love is lavished on us so much

that we are called "children of God"

And with this love comes rebuke and discipline

for our own good, He doesn't spare the spiritual rod

Through His Holy Spirit He's given us power to love as well

He's the only reason we can exhibit characteristics of true love

After all, loving God with all your heart, soul and mind

definitely requires divine intervention and strength from above

true love quote of matthew 22:37

With God's love abounding all around us daily

the bible says we show our love for Him by keeping his commands

Yet somehow we find obedience to be a burden

and we think loving God means going to him with our own demands

You see the characteristics of true love for God

is manifested in our words, thoughts and deeds

By meditating on His Word daily,

learning to love and obey Him, living in such a way that He is pleased

true love quote of john 14:15

The modern day self-made Christianity our society has created

excludes obedience, God's Word and righteousness;

instead we occasionally go to church, say quick prayers

and live however we want during the week, reveling in our mess

We say we love God, but our actions dictate otherwise

And when it comes to loving others

We struggle even more, almost as if disguised

Professing to be Christians, yet looking like the world

Exhibiting hatred, bitterness, envy and strife

Instead of loving our neighbor as ourselves

We live by our emotions, doing whatever we want in our so called Christian life

Characteristics of true love would be gentleness, goodness, and humility

As opposed to anger, selfishness and greed

We should be edifying and encouraging one another

Praying for one another and helping each other in times of need

Characteristics of true love in the home looks like this:

Wives loving their husbands and husbands loving their wives

Parents disciplining and training their kids to live right

A house built on love and unity is precious in God's eyes

The bible says we are to pursue love in our Christian walk

That love must be sincere

We should encourage others to love and do good

Loving each other deeply and holding each other dear

Another characteristic of true love is seen in this proverb:

"A friend loves at all times";

Not only when they are doing something for you

But even when they get on your nerves and cross the lines

True love is when we stop letting others' behavior

dictate how we will behave and react

Its when we bite our tongues and actually listen

When we forgive, as God forgives us - and that's a fact

God's Word says true love is patient, kind, doesn't envy or boast

Its not proud, disrespectful, self-seeking or easily angered

It doesn't delight in evil or keep a record of wrongs, seeing who has the most

True love always protects, hopes and perseveres

Without it we are nothing, for love never fails;

but what about our enemies and people we can't stand

How in the world do we love them - what does that entail?

The world says love your neighbor, but hate your enemy

But God says love your enemies and pray for them

Instead of questioning how crazy it sounds

How about we try simply obeying Him

true love quote of Matthew 5:44

Who has actually ever prayed for an enemy?

A co-worker who gets on your last nerve,

an ex, a competitor, or someone  who has hurt you

If anything we sit and wait, hoping they get what they deserve

We boil in anger, bitterness, and rage

Blood pressure rising, worked up and stressed out

While most often they are off living their best life

Not thinking about you even a little bit, no doubt

One day we will learn that God's way is best

that all his commands are setup to help us stand any test

That by continuing to show love and do good to a foe

God can change their heart and yours - in case you didn't know

You see we can't pick and choose who to love

Because loving your neighbor is inclusive of everyone

This true love thing is not a game

it's not meant to be taken lightly or just for fun

Its the one thing that separates us as Christians;

For the bible says this is how people will know who we are

Not by our Tshirts, bumper stickers, large offerings

front row seat in church, or if our theology degree is up to par

true love quote of john 13:34-35

Its all about love;  and God is true love

when we share Him through our deeds and speech,

by being different and loving to those no one else would reach

But too often we love the wrong things:

evil, rather than good, quarrels and deceit

pleasure and money and the ways of the world

We've grown accustomed to living with spiritual defeat

But once we get back to reading the bible

We can refocus on the basics of Christianity

Loving God, loving His Word, and loving others

That's really all God desires from each of us to see

Yes it will take time, and help from above

But let us at least be willing

to learn to exhibit these characteristics of true love.

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Characteristics of True Love – According to the Bible