Spiritual Growth (Page 3)

This week God has been reminding me that not only do I need to trust in Him to do what He says He will do, but that I also need to remember to acknowledge Him in all that I do.  Webster’s dictionary defines “acknowledge” as follows: to accept or admit theRead More

They say be careful what you wish for Because you just might get it So its freedom you want? Are you sure you want to jump into that pit? Freedom to have sex whenever the urge arises With whatever partner you choose Now you’re a slave to your feelings AndRead More

It’s so easy to worry about any and everything.  In fact the devil does his best to get us to do just that. From finances, to relationships, to our kids, to our health, there is plenty to worry, stress over and be anxious about it.  In fact things can beRead More

Sometimes we get to a place in our Christian journey, that in order to move forward or take that next step, it is necessary to look back at where we’ve come from; to reflect on and remind ourselves about the goodness of God.

I don’t know about you, but  I hate being told by someone that I “can’t” do something.  “Can’t” used in the sense that something can’t be accomplished.  I made a vow  recently to God in a specific area of my life.  I decided to spend some time fasting and praying,Read More

Since when am I the standard for perfection and holiness? You may steal, lie and cheat, but I’m also full of mess!   Last time I checked the Word, the goal was for us to be more like Christ. So please help me understand how what we’ve become resembles theRead More

Time is the one thing we all take for granted in one way or another.  This week as my only child completed 3rd grade and brought home several certificates, trophies, a medal for Student of the Year and a straight A report card, I was overwhelmed with excitement, gratefulness andRead More

This verse is so easy to quote and yet so hard to actually do sometimes.  We can say it to others to try and encourage them but how quickly we forget it when our own time of “waiting” actually comes.  I’ve recently been struggling with waiting for a new/better jobRead More

I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that we live in a world today where the Bible is depicted as being outdated, fictional, irrelevant, and not valuable.  And the sad part is, that those of us who profess to be Christians are adapting that line of thinking andRead More

Because the one true mirror is the Word of God, I have to remember becoming more like Him is my one and only goal in this life.  I just need compete to be better than I used to be and strive to keep growing.  When we compare ourselves to others weRead More