Be Thankful for What?

woman with shoulders shrugged

From politics to street violence,

to sickness and disease, or my school debt,

what is there to be thankful for?

Ain't found nothing yet.

Looking right, left, up and down

I see pain, chaos, death and fear

Life will have you feeling crazy

Fed up, worn out, stressed, and wondering why you're here

And that's just what the devil wants

In fact, its his whole plan

to get Christians to be as ungrateful, confused

depressed and as miserable as he can.

To shift our focus to everything that's wrong,

to have negative thoughts all day long.

To get us feeling discouraged, lonely and scared,

forgetting the love of God and how much He cares.

Sitting alone in a corner at the end of a day

crying, frustrated, angry and defeated.

Asking yourself, 'what is there to be thankful for?'

and then have the nerve to look up to God and repeat it

Then in automatic response, I hear our Savior say:

Have you forgotten everything so quickly, so fast?

What I did for you earlier today,

or even yesterday or in years past?

thank you sign with leaves

How I was falsely accused, arrested, beaten,

nailed to a cross, and buried, only to rise again?

To show myself the one and true God

who could redeem you from all your sins?

Did you forget the day you finally accepted me

into your heart and life?

All the craziness going on at that time,

the trouble and the strife?

All I rescued you from,

giving you a fresh start;

new purpose and new vision,

my strength and presence never to depart?

What about when you couldn't pay your rent,

that time you were down to your last dime?

When out of nowhere I sent a blessing

that paid all your past due bills just in the nick of time.

That time the pickup truck nearly took your life

because you were driving drunk down the street?

But I spared you and the car,

leaving you with no scratch or defeat.

What about that time you lost your job after 10 years?

But, somehow you still made it through

because my hand of provision never failed;

In fact it surrounded you.

That time when you went through that bad break-up

or even that drawn out divorce?

When you felt so alone and discouraged

but my Holy Spirit got you back on course.

What about when your child was sick

and the doctors didn't really have a clue?

But, I strengthened your faith in me

and showed you my healing power was alive and true.

Did you forget the time your best friend

stabbed you in the back and left your side?

How I was with you listening to your prayers,

walking with you daily while you cried.

Oh, and don't forget when your own family

gave up and didn't believe in you at all;

And I transformed your whole life,

and made you better because you listened to my call.

I gave you patience, peace, humility and love,

all the attributes you asked me for.

And lets not forget the material and physical blessings -

the health, new house, better salary and much more!

Give Thanks

I am your Creator and Father.

I planned out your life before you were born.

You are alive and well because of me.

From my hand you can't be torn.

I cause you to wake, sleep, and breathe.

I watch over you both day and night.

Even when you forget, ignore or push me aside,

it is I, who continue to shine as your light.

Remember, I can bring the flood and part the Red Sea.

Regardless of your gratitude or lack thereof,

I will remain the one true God

who sits on the throne in heaven above.

In tears, I repent as God reminds me

of these basic truths and facts.

So caught up in what I don't have,

forgetting that God has always had my back.

Comparing myself to the Joneses,

because they seem to have it all.

Forgetting I have everything in Jesus

for this life and the next - I'm set for the long haul.

'Be thankful for what?'

is not a question for us to ask or even contemplate

For if we didn't have God in our lives

we would be doomed to a much worse fate.

Instead, in every second, moment, and day,

we should not only look for God's goodness and grace;

but rather make it a point to say 'thank you'

no matter what and regardless of the place.

'Thank you' for who He is and the endless things He has done.

'Thank you' for the many ways he shows up each day.

For if we truly sit and count our blessings,

we would never ever run out of things to say.

quote of Psalms 9:1
Be Thankful for What?