Am I There Yet?

woman headed walking down a road

Pointing fingers
A pet peeve I absolutely can’t stand
Yet we all do it
Without even using our hands

Focusing on everybody else
Counting all their wrongs
Their flaws, mistakes, sins
Gossiping about it like songs

But I’ve been praying
for God to shift my mindset
to focus on growing in my walk with Him
Not on my surroundings or past things I regret

Ain’t got time to be stalking, or
Worrying about peeps on the Facebook
Don’t care what they eat, where they go
What they wear or how they look

Tired of following celebrities
Just to hear the latest news
Of adultery, scandal, abuse
Or some violence after a lit fuse

Cousin Rick cheated on his taxes
My neighbor Sarah bought a Benz
My friend LaQuisha got fired
And Jenny is pregnant….again

Its like we look for things to talk about
The good stuff so we can be jealous and mad
The bad stuff so we can put it on blast
To everyone we know; which is just sad

Too busy focusing on all the wrong things
Which is exactly the devil’s intent

Never doing things the way God
Intended our time to be spent

Like praying for an ex,
Even after all the pain they caused
Congratulating a friend on a raise
Even though yours was put on pause

Admitting to your child
That you were wrong this time
Giving to someone in need
Even though you were down to your last dime

Volunteering at your church
Or working on your complaining attitude
Going a week without gossiping
Or giving a homeless man some food

But things like these don’t fit into our schedule
We’re too busy or too tired I bet
Never even considered asking the question
“Am I there yet?”

Am I at a place
Where I can look in a mirror and see
A Christian that resembles Christ
Or just a bunch of hypocrisy?

Am I pushing to enhance my prayer life
And spend time in God’s Word
Or does TV, video games, and social media
Consume my days – which is so absurd!

Still ain’t forgave my sister
For that thing she did ten years ago
Can’t control my road rage
Never know how my anger gonna flow

Can I learn to cuss a little less
Or stop lying to achieve everything I get
Do I even desire to be more Christlike
Am I there yet?

Don’t want to forgive, yet
Want to borrow but never pay it back
Verbally ostracizing homosexuals publicly
Then pleading for your life when you get attacked

Where’s the compassion, the humility
Someone show me a love blanket or net
I don’t even like Christian or gospel music
Am I there yet?

You see we all got a ways to go
To get to perfection, to be like Him
But there’s no reason to slow the process
To the point where we look exactly like them

He died for you, He died for me
To set me free from sin eternally
I can’t go back to my BC (before Christianity) days
He’s done too much for me, I can’t count the ways

Can’t keep getting caught up in the foolishness of this life
Being miserable and defeated, full of bitterness and strife

God didn’t save me, just to exist, and take up space
I have a purpose and work to do before I see His face

I gotta keep my focus on Him and Him alone
Not getting caught up in nonsense, head buried in my phone

Lord shift my mindset, my heart, my life, my all
So that I can grow in you and listen to your call

Little by little, step by step, day by day
Work on me Lord, Have your own way

With tons to work on, I’ll set short term goals to start
And although I know it won’t be easy, I promise not to fret
Because I plan to have a testimony, the next time I ask
Am I There Yet?

woman running with quote of philippians 3:13-14
Am I There Yet?